DCM Stories: The Bicycle Project

The ministry recognizes the need for transportation for some of our children and for those who assist us in evangelistic work.  There are children who live miles from the school they attend.  When possible we place some of these children in dormitories at the school but this is not always possible.  In those cases it is very helpful if the child is provided a bicycle.  Obviously this is a fantastic gift for the child.  Not only is their education improved but they also learn responsibility to care for something valuable.  The school will assist the child in properly securing the bike and help with repairs when needed.  A donation of $100 provides the bike made in India and designed for the rough use typical in Africa.

Pastors and teachers are often traveling far to homes which are on the “beaten path” but a long way off the road.  These ministers are greatly blessed by a bicycle or light weight motor bike to make these journeys in less time.  To donate, CLICK HERE and select the "Bicycle Project" fund.  Thank you for your support.