Giving and Recieving

Together we make a difference! 

Over this last week, we made a difference together. My name is Michael, and I am in school in hopes of pursuing a career in dentistry. In regards to need, Uganda is limited to 1 dentist for every 100,000 people, and the majority of those people cannot reach or afford the care they require.

Divine Care Ministries offers the chance for these people to access the care they need. I got the chance to work with a skillful Ugandan team on the days our group lined up with the clinic. In one day the clinic helped 513 patients get the treatment they needed while educating them on prevention dental decay. I was taught how to give anesthesia and perform extractions under the watchful eyes teachers in the dental school. I was given an opportunity to experience the field I want to spend the rest of my life practicing! As it happens every time I go on a mission trip with Divine Care Ministries in Uganda, I go hoping to give but end up also being the recipient of God’s blessings! Through the experience I had during my time in Uganda, I am 100% positive that I have made the right choice in my career and life. What a gift!

- Michael

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