How can I help?

There are many ways that you can join us in Divine Care Ministries.  One of the ways many people begin is with the sponsorship of a child.  For $50 per month a child will be provided with education including school fees, uniform and supplies, housing, food, health and dental care as needed through secondary school.  For $200 per month a child in university level will be provided for.  We are also providing spiritual encouragement and instruction because hope is one of the things most needed by these vulnerable children.  You will hear from your child about three times a year, and we encourage you to write back so that your child will feel your love.  Thank you for partnering with us. For questions, please email us at

Children in Need

Babirye Catherine

Babirye Catherine | Age: 9 | Grade: 5

After Catherine’s father died, his family received the property rights of his home. The family then chased both her and her mother out of the home. Because of her circumstance financially, she was not able to attend school. Because of the family's financial circumstances she is not able to attend school. Her mother is uneducated and is only able to do unskilled labor.  Without money for school fees Catherine will be unable to return to school.

Sponsor Child
Balwire Gastafas

Balwire Gastafas | Age: 11 | Grade: 6

Gastafas lives with his mother, father and four siblings at Mawangala. His mother and father both have jobs where they earn only the equivalent of .50 cents per day. Like many boys in this community, he foregoes school days so that he may work and help his family. He needs better education, but cannot do so unless someone reaches out to provide for his needs.

Sponsor Child
Bweguyibwa Mary

Bweguyibwa Mary | Age: 7 | Grade: 3

Mary's father abandoned the family leaving them destitute.  Mary works in a stone quarry to supplement the family income and is therefore unable to afford school fees. Young women in Mary's community may be forced into marriage at age 12-13 risking early pregnancy or AIDS in addition to emotional trauma. Mary's future can change if she can go to school and get an education.

Sponsor Child
Kyakwera Irene

Kyakwera Irene | Age: 11 | Grade: 4

When Irene’s father passed away, he left his wife and their mother of 5 children. Irene is a very bright young woman, but because of her financial circumstance, her mother is unable to pay for her school fees. When you help a girl like Irene, there is potential for lasting change throughout the entire community.

Sponsor Child
Tendo Susan

Tendo Susan | Age: 11 | Grade: 5

When Susan’s mother died and her father abandoned her, she was forced to live on the streets, moving from home to home as people invited her in. Her big sister is now taking care of her as best she can, but is struggling to pay tuition for her school. When you help a girl like Susan, you are not only changing one woman's life, but assisting a family to thrive and have better opportunities in their community. 

Sponsor Child
Nakiberu Aisha

Nakiberu Aisha | Age: 5 | Grade: Kindergarten

After Aisha’s father abandoned her family, she was left to live with her mother who is only a manual laborer. She is from a Muslim background and in her culture the education of young women is not valued. When you help a girl like Aisha, you are giving hope to a girl and a community who may have never seen such before.

Sponsor Child
Nakyagaba Cissy

Nakyagaba Cissy | Age: 8 | Grade: 2

In Cissy’s home, her mother is the only one who is able to provide for the family. It is a struggle to take care of them on her own, since Cissy’s father is not mentally stable and cannot provide support as her mother does. We believe that girls like Aisha will be the ones who bring hope to the community, and a transformative light as she gains the assistance she is in need of.

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