Build a Lasting Legacy!

Our most ambitious project currently undertaken is the building of a church building for our brothers and sisters at Divine Farm.  For many years this church has been meeting under a large tree.  With attendance now around 300 it is time to have a more effective meeting space.  The area around the farm is developing at a fast pace and some large housing developments are being planned.  Not only will the building be a place for the church to grow, but it will also serve as a training center and possibly as a large meeting place for use of a secondary school in the future.

Divine Hope School has grown quickly by meeting the need for quality education is the Joggo area.  With over 400 students classrooms are crowded.  We are currently building a building to house several more classrooms.  This building is planned to be multistory with additional levels used to meet needs such as dormitory housing.  Land values in the Joggo area are increasing rapidly as the city of Kampala expands.  Building up rather than out is the plan for this project.

The ministry is reaching out to the primitive district of Uganda known as Karamoja.  After 40 years of violence and drought this area suffered from lack of hope and lack of development.  The people were previously animists but are now coming to faith in Jesus Christ.  So many are responding to God’s call that we need transportation for pastors and disciple makers.  There are few roads and travel in this area is slow and difficult.  We are raising money for bicycles ($100) and for one used motorcycle ($1,500).  These vehicles are made in India and have been proven to withstand the rough conditions in Uganda.

Giving a goat is one way we empower women who are in desperate situations.  Frequently these women have been widowed or abandoned by their husbands and they have children to care for.  Often, the women have very little education and are not skilled to earn a living.  We provide a goat and give follow up to see that the goat is properly cared for.  In return the women return to us one of the two kids that the goat usually has in the first year.  Not only does this provide some income for the women, but it also boosts their self-esteem to realize that they can care for an animal—something they had not previously had the opportunity to do.  The cost of a goat is $75.

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